Do more education guarantees more wealth

In the modern era, education is perceived as a tool which could earn people more wealth. This sight is very unfortunate that most people in the world get educated primarily to earn their livings and enjoy the luxuries and comforts of the shining world. Although, the main and primary objective of education are to make the world a civilized and united place; education is deemed tso broaden the insight of people and make them more acceptable to change and increase their ability to be patient at times where things are not good for them. The underlying motive of education is to bring peace and harmony among different nations and bring the world closer to each other with equal intellectual level which helps them to connect to each other.

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However, primary motives of education are not seemed to be achieved in today’s world. Expecting more wealth from your education is not something unethical or inappropriate but make this your priority often leads people in a stressful and full of tension life. Furthermore, as we are witnessing improved literacy rate in many countries, more we are getting to see an uncivilized and incompatible world. Peace is becoming the most tentative issue in the recent past. All these unexpected sights are nurturing because we people have derailed from our primary motives, we have lost the basic definition of the purpose of education.

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In the modern world, attainment of education is strongly connected with the wealth one have; if a person has a huge bank balance he is deemed to be educated and a civilized person, however, in actual he might be not. This presumption is not that much right. Education can bring you wealth but up to some extent; the level of your income will be determined at your workplace according to your skill level after a particular position. For instance, a CEO of a reputable company will get high compensation only when he will achieve the given targets by the shareholders irrespective that he is a Ph.D. holder or a Charted Accountant. Similarly, one could be selected for a reputable job by his education, but after recruitment, an employee has to perform outstandingly to survive in a competitive professional environment. Conclusively, the more you work with skill, the more business you will get for your organization or your boss, and resultantly get more monetary benefits.

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However, the other side of this debatable topic is that; more education you will get more reputable and highly paid designation you will eventually get. For instance, a person who has bachelor’s degree in accounts will at most get to the position of assistant manager finance. Whereas, if a person is a Chartered Accountant or a CFA qualified he will directly attain the position of Chief Financial Officer or CEO if have good presentation and speaking skills or could end up by becoming company’s major stakeholder.

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However, this equation, more education equals to more wealth is expanding the income gap between low income and high-income people that will resultantly lead the world to an unequal distribution of wealth. So, we could draw a conclusion from the above-presented arguments that education could get you more wealth but only to a limited extent; after that restricted boundary your work skills and passion for earning more will make you wealthier.

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