Five Creative Prompts For Selecting College Essay Topics

Choosing a college essay topic is no good experience for most of the students while striving for an admission in their dream college. It was a shivering moment for most of the students when the admission officer of a reputed college asked them to write a college essay. They drown in deep thought; undecided, what topic they should choose, on what they are good at, what will fascinate the officer that could get them through in admission phase. This indecisiveness also encountered while write an essay for class. Therefore, this problem is not only restricted to college essays but also met while writing random essays in academic life.


Today we are helping you out with suggesting some of the situations you could use while selecting a topic for an essay. The most important thing while choosing a topic for the essay is to specify a subject on which you think you can write with good command. For example, the subject might be your interest, any real life experience, a book worth writing. Following are five useful prompts and topics on which you could write your college essay:

  1. Your own background, interest or identity: It could be possible that your environment, your identity, your culture from where you belong would be interesting and fascinating enough to write about. it may be any ritual of your culture, your city or your area that has some uniqueness and which could amuse an admission officer. Furthermore, you could have any commendable interest in which you can talk about and describe its attractiveness to an audience that fascinates you in a particular fashion.
  2. Any failure you consider as a reason for your success: Many people in this world had to face uncountable failures in their lives and the lesson they learned from their failures becomes the reason for their success. If you have any incident in your life that gives you a life experience and makes you a changed personality could share in your college essay as these kinds of stories, attract readers.
  3. Any belief, idea or theory you have ever challenged in your life: Reflect on your experience when you challenged any idea or belief and what makes you act This but if you ever did this it will be an ideal topic for your essay as readers will admire your courage and your essay will become compelling for them.
  4. Any critical problem you have solved in your life: Describe a situation where you addressed a significant issue with your courage and presence of mind and what will be the impact if the problem would remain unsolved. It could also be challenging tasks given to you like any research query or any intellectual challenge in which you have to succeed by showing your skills and composure in a pressure
  5. Write about any of your accomplishment or achievement in life: you could write about any of your success or accomplishment you have had in life which you achieved with a lot of passion and dedication and which requires a lot of hard work. In this subject, you could also tell about the obstacles you have faced during your journey and how you get through them.

These are some of the prompts you could use while selecting your college essay topic and could write your heart out to get admission in your dream college without getting into the stress of the situation.

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