There are numbers of assignments activities that can be done by students. However, it depends on the interest of a student, whether he wants to participate or not.

Whether a student is a student of the school, college, or university; they must be encouraged to participate in different assignment activities; as it can result in interesting connection such as insightful comments by students for that particular assignment.

On the other hand, it is better to know that poorly managed participation of students can lead to frustration of instructor and might increase student confusion.

What is Participation?

Student-Student Interaction

Participation in simple words means to take interest or part in something. However, it is often equated with a discussion that involves a lengthy conversation. Participation, however, may also involve brief interactions between teachers and students, or among specific student classes.

If you have participated in your assessment roster, you need to explicitly explain what it would mean to your students, and why you have a portion of participation.

Similarly, it is also necessary for the students to participate as equal to their instructors. If their instructors are involved, then they should also participate equally to derive the best possible outcome.

Therefore, to encourage students towards participating in various assignment writing service activities—try to follow below guidelines, as it may help you to boost up your student’s interest.

Encouraging Student Participation

10 Benefits of Getting Students to Participate in Classroom ...

As it is necessary to encourage student participation, therefore, below are some tips on how you can encourage the students in participating in assignment activities.

Encourage participatory ethic

Instead of the individual, participation is a collaborative responsibility of a class. To encourage a conversation where correlations are made, students will interpret their participation as a commitment to a common experience.

Asking students to comment on a classmate’s comment helps to encourage a conversation. Reinforcing these efforts strongly always builds the feeling of collectivism.

Teach Student Participation Skills

Participation skills are necessary for every student. However, students do not seem to have the skills needed to participate successfully. Therefore, discussing the features and attribute of successful participation of your students will expose undeveloped areas. Furthermore, ask them if they performed of prior classes, and how they will use any support.

Create events that induce participation.

Discussion-based activities like case-study analyze, role-playing and jigsaw puzzles allow students to engage with each other and the teacher.

To be successful and effective, however, usually, they need specific guidelines, including deadlines. Through one-on-one interviews, you should take a thorough questioning method, analyze students on the logic behind their replies, often constantly using that to obtain greater depth.

In contrast, participation can also be facilitated through certain learning technologies—for example, choosing response of students regarding multiple-choice questions. The learning can be extended by an individual response and after acquiring their response by discussing their ideas.

Take your position in the room

Sometimes, moving to a different place in a classroom—for example, from the front bench to backbench, might help to encourage participation.

Being an instructor, if a student perceives that you are the key to encourage their participation, then all the comments of the student will be channelled through you; as you become the gatekeeper. Therefore, it might also become harder in the sense of collective responsibility.

Try to move yourself to the side or back of the room to see if the students react or not.

Ask students to determine their participation

Fun Ways to Assess Student Learning Informally

Asking students to determine their participation requires the students to set their goals. However, the goals of a student should be concrete and attainable. Whereas, it should be submitted to an instructor in a written form.

Later on, the student should be asked to assess their participation. For example, the student should be asked about their working stability, participation quality, what could be improved, or what progress they are achieving in their goals.


Giving students a sense of responsibility for their participation in assignment activities can be motivating. Otherwise, Students Buy Assignment Writing Service?

Ensure all contributions are identifiable

In a large classroom with numbers of students in it along with poor acoustics, might get difficult for the students to listen to the instructor. Verbal communication can be a little bit difficult for students also. This type of conditions can make the students get frustrated, or they might pay less attention due to low hearing.

Therefore, students will need encouragement more often to speak loudly and clearly. Moreover, try to remind them frequently to address their comments so that you can still keep their participation motivated.

So, being an instructor, it is necessary to pay attention to all the students and reiterate students’ contribution to making sure everyone is listening.

Consider utilizing an online poll before class discussion

Whenever a student engages in participating and sharing his/her views, then it might make other students think and contribute their views as well. The findings of an anonymous pre-class survey could be given to students as a preliminary step or the basis for their in-class discussion.

Final Thoughts

Participation is all about interest and management of how an instructor manages the whole classroom’s student is a preliminary step. Motivating and encouraging students can be helpful to make students feel comfortable while they are participating in any assignment. However, without consistent participation, a student might get loose his/her confidence level. Therefore, it is necessary for all instructors that they should pay attention to all student to make them achieve success.



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