Students generally find it hard to write a well drafted and comprehensive essay that could get them good grades or higher GPA in their college. Some of them actually don’t even able to decide, on which topic they should write, whether it will be any trending affair or those common topics like global warming, environmental pollution etc.

To be honest, writing a good comprehensive essay is hard. Hard for different reasons, maybe because you don’t know your audience, sometime it’s hard because you already have plenty more to do which is also important. Reason maybe the stress of workload at your work place or anything else which restrains you from thinking and writing.

In this article we are talking about some of the key rules to follow, to write your next essay with greater confidence and higher self-efficacy.


Start early: Start to write as early as possible, it reduces the pressure of deadline and enables your mind to think better and without any stress.

Get started by brainstorming: The toughest part is to start an essay. Try to start your essay by doing brainstorming, structuring the text in your mind and designing the procedure of writing.

Be yourself: Don’t try to write what others want to read. Write on topic that you know you have strength in and can write better. Write according to your interest, what you love to talk about, what excites you. It will make your text interesting and worth reading.

Be specific: Write to the point. Don’t be vague; do not write outside the span of subject. Only write which relates your outline. Get your essay focus by figuring out how the topic relates to your personal traits or qualities and then take a specific path. Services:

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Avoid copy and paste: The student should research on subject he wants to write on but it should not a copied version of any web story or a magazine article. You can take an idea from any of the resources and then re-write in your own version. Remember that college professors had seen hundreds of essays in their career and are familiar with the plagiarized and copied material.

Get better with time: Don’t try to create a masterpiece on your first try, the pressure of writing the best might block your mind to think on a right track. Write what comes to your mind first; don’t over think on the subject; keep it simple. Your skills of writing will become better eventually.

Be accurate: Be careful in stating the facts and figures, it should not a self created one. If you incorporate facts in your text it should be genuine and accurate.

Get feedback: Send your trusted friend or a family member your essay to get a feedback from them. It gives you a general idea about how your essay is being perceived by others.

Proofread and make corrections: Proofread your essay as it enables you to detect mistakes you did in ignorance and then correct those mistakes to create a final product.


As an additional suggestion, after writing an essay remove the introductory and concluding paragraph to see if your essay seems worth reading. It is assumed that above stated tips and rules may help you when you next write your college essay.

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