Racialism and class disparities in education system

A motto and slogan of “equal education for all” might be very popular and sentimental in the whole world right now, but unfortunately, this movement is only living up to the extent of word of mouth and nothing more than that. Many seminars and events took place under the banner of equality in education but only ended up as a social gathering for elite class with no implementation of the objective at any considerable level. Every day number of cases is reported in the United States of racial abuse of a black or Asian student in a reputed American university. Many students were not admitted to high reputed colleges and university only because he has no strong financial background.


This is very unfortunate to see in many high rated and reputable universities that they are selling their seats in return for monetary considerations which oppressed the right of deserving students who are not financially well-being. Moreover, if we examine the schooling system especially in many Asian countries, you have to belong from a highly reputable family and should possess a strong financial back to being admitted in reputable school where quality education is provided.


For low reputation families, there are schools which are poorly structured and their quality of education is of low standard which cannot match the requirements of the professional world later in their careers. To be honest, we as a globe accept the segregation in the educational system in our respective regions. Low-income parents have built-in their minds that their children can only get a low standard education and cannot be admitted in a reputable institution where their children can attain up to date knowledge and high standard of education. Unfortunately, quality of education of your child now depends on the wealth you possess.

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Furthermore, in America, we can witness that middle class black and Latino students have separate school in many cities with the poor quality of education and no qualified or skillful teacher who gives those underprivileged students a quality education. Black and Latino students are forced to migrate to suburban districts for their schooling where there is no diversified staff and quality in education. This racial inequality in education results in an aggressive mindset of these students towards the privileged population of America. This consequently results in racial abuse and inequality in every aspect of daily life whether it is traveling, workplaces or public places and lead those abused students to join gangs which therefore impair the civil security of the country.


Authorities have to understand the need of an hour to dissolve these inequalities as early as possible as this will come in the path of national and global prosperity. Without everyone being on the same educational and intellectual level, the world could not achieve the aim of global peace and harmony among the different nation. However, United Nations are striving for an equal education system for all with affordable cost irrespective of the financial and racial background of the students around the world. Therefore we can only hope for the best and try our level hard to discourage the trend of racial and class inequality in the education for the better and peaceful world.

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