Tips for writing five paragraph essay

The most useful and currently prevailing essay writing format is the five-paragraph format. It is relatively classical but most widely used and acceptable. It is also very concise and easy format for beginner writers to develop their writing skills with time as it offers very clear and concise view.  It gives full pattern to write an essay; from where to start, when and where to provide arguments and how to finish.

However, while having enough knowledge and information about the topic, many students avoids writing an essay because they do not know how to structure their thoughts in a pattern which make sense. Whereas, some of them write in random fashion that the point they are trying to prove gives an opposite meaning to readers. To prevent these types of situations and difficulties, we are providing you with some of the tips for five-paragraph essay format to ease you with your essay writing.

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Introductory paragraph: This paragraph should strive to involve the readers; matter written should be interesting enough to retain readers to read the complete text. In this article writer should tell the readers what they are going to read about, this includes a thesis statement and a short outline of the topic. The thesis statement written at the start should be attractive enough to grab the attention of readers; this may include relevant quotations and surprising statistics. The thesis statement should be a single line statement which should clearly state and explain your position and leaves no doubt in readers mind about the subject.

The introductory paragraph should also include a short outline which supports your thesis statement and tells a little about what is coming in following sections. Moreover, an ending sentence of the introductory paragraph should composed in a way that it effortlessly moves the reader to the first paragraph of the body.

Body paragraph: There are usually three sections in the body of an essay. This section should include a comprehensive and detailed argument about and for your thesis that should be supported by substantial evidence.

The first body paragraph should comprise of your strongest and most reliable evidence. It should also include statements and arguments which support your thesis statement. It is important in body paragraph that your statement should have a context from which your provided statement could get support and get authenticity.

The second paragraph of the body should support and elaborate your first strongest argument after which you should provide your second most persuasive argument. Your argument should explain why your given thesis is correct and what makes it more accurate than others.

The last paragraph of the body should tie all your points and arguments together to make them concise and meaningful.

Concluding paragraph: In the light of your given evidence and arguments you should conclude your essay by providing a closing and ending statement which provide readers with the result of an argument. This paragraph should also provide a summary of all points stated in body paragraph in a pattern which proves your thesis statement stated in the introductory paragraph. This subsection should incorporate a line which gives an impression that an essay is going to end.

By understanding the above-stated tips, you can be able to write a comprehensive and meaningful essay with a well-structured pattern.

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