Tips to get through from TOEFL writing section

Most of the students striving to get through from TOEFL usually flunk in writing section of the test. TOEFL is approached by both native a non-native English speakers and writers. Therefore, it is hard for non-native writers to cope up the challenge of writing perfect English. On the other hand, if native English speakers and writers also find it difficult to pass their writing test. The main reason of failure for both native and non-native students is the lack of understanding of writing pattern, writing style and another aspect of TOEFL essay writing. After many attempts, students were not able to pass the TOEFL writing section. This is happening because of lack of planning before writing. Students write with empty brains; they do have an idea about the topic, but they do not have any idea how to those ideas in a structured manner.

To help students in improving their writing skills and get through the writing section of TOEFL we are providing you some tips which will help you with your writing problems:


Selecting a topic: Most basic and essential aspect of writing is to select a topic of your interest if you have the option to select a topic. The topic on which you think you can write easily and interestingly, a subject that fascinates you, a subject on which you have in-depth knowledge. Usually, you are giving topics randomly by the examiner instead of selecting of your own. In this case, you will have to think critically about what to write on the given topic.

Answer the questions: Make sure you are providing answers to each and every question of TOEFL question. Most of the students so not write to the point and appropriate answers to the asked question which resultantly dissatisfies the examiner.

Correct grammar: Grammar should be correct and appropriate in your writing as it contains substantial marks in your paper. The style, punctuation, contextual writing and vocabulary should be on the dot to pass your test with flying colors.


Use concise and simple sentences: Your writing must have readability. Essays should not be written in a complex language, and it should be concise to be understood by everyone reading your paper. Although, it should not be too basic to match the standard of TOEFL. Use of concise and short sentences makes your writing strong and clear.

Write structured essays: Your essays must be structured and they should have a sequence. Your essay must possess introduction, body, and conclusion. Many students are witnessed to write without any proper design and with no sequence which eliminates the readability of your text and make it difficult for readers to understand.

Write good thesis statement: Your introduction paragraph should have a thesis statement, and it must be appealing and concise. It should reflect the main idea of your text and gives initial understanding to readers about what they are going to read ahead.

Use of active voice: Your essay must be in active voice, as it is more strong and attracting style of writing than passive voice.

Furthermore, to be good in writing at every topic you must make a habit of reading as it gives exposure to a new subject that could be tested in your TOEFL essay. Moreover, you also have to improve your grammar and drafting skills, and it comes with practice and getting knowledge from different sources. Therefore, while following the tips mentioned above, you could easily get through in a test of TOEFL essays and overall writing section.


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