Variation in Academic Performance of Working Students

In the modern era, nearly each and every adult member of a family is going to work irrespective of gender or the level of education they are in. Mostly after completing high schools many students in the USA and other countries too, start living independently and separated from their family.

Therefore for meeting their personal expense, they need to work and fulfill their expenses like house rent, education fee, and other necessary bills. However, many students after completing their high school go for further education which includes Graduation and Masters, where some of them also go for specialization like PhD.

Working Students

Therefore, those students who do not go for further studies after completing their high schools remain focused doing their work as they drop education in their lives. However, those who are carrying both teaching and work at the same time find it difficult to manage time for education and get good results or satisfying results for them.

It is found in research and numerous surveys that usually the academic performance of working students are below the level of performance generated by non-working students. It is very much obvious that one cannot simply get their focus right on education when they have 8-10 hours shift in a day.

However, the lives of working students are not that simple as it looks and some people often brag about their independent lifestyle, but having one is not easy.

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One working student in Chicago is being interviewed for the purpose of finding out the difficulties of a working student he/she faced in their academic matters and results. When he was questioned about the general problems he faces as a working student, he said “when I was going for this I was very excited as I will be going to live on my own.

This is my goal since I entered my teenage; but honestly, living an independent live apart from your parents is not that easy, or I can say the toughest job in the world.” He also opens up about his past academic records till high schools where he was a high achiever and always get highest marks in his class.

He further says “I became extremely depressed when I saw my first result after I started working, it was terrible, although I just got over, that was not I am familiar with.”

It is tough to manage time while you are working and simultaneously to study. Academic performance of working students gets low because it is tough to cut down your shift because those hours are getting you more money which will pay your bills that also include college fees.

However, one friendly advice to working students is that working as students now becomes a routine and them, first of all, stops thinking of them as deprived or underprivileged.

To cater every problem, one should make plans, and the best ways to prepare for your studies while working is to strictly maintain and follow time management chart it should be on your phone and your room wall.

Most of the student’s greed for more money which affects their academic results, therefore, when the exams are near students should lessen their workload and focus more on their studies to get good results. Conclusively, it is all about managing yourself and managing your time to perform well as working student.

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