Worthiness of using Electric Heating Pad

Electric heating pads are used to get instant relief from body pain. Electric heating pad usually works on household electricity. People can either use a moist heating pad that is more suitable for dry skin or can also use infrared heating pads that are new, more effective and safer to use. Its temperature varies from 76 to 82 degree Celsius.

It is used for deep body tissue treatment and helps in getting liberated from the pain instantly. This is known as therapeutic heat treatment. Muscle is the main center of pain and mainly caused by cramps, over-exertion, and spams. This pad works much more than relieving the symptoms. Heat helps the muscles to have the required relaxation and comfort.

electric heating pad

Heating pads also assist in resolving persistent and mostly duller pains. However, it is not useful for infection and recent injury because heating pad stimulates sensations in the skin which lowers the pain. This is a portable and instant way of healing.

In our body, we have some soft connective tissues, which consist of trigger points and these are very sensitive spots in our body. These may cause extreme pain from stiffness and dull aching. The pain grows like weeds and spreads. Heat has been proved to be an effective therapy for these trigger points.

Stress aggravates these points and being warm is a pleasurable sensation. Electric heating pad relieves in testicular aches and muscle pain and looks like a cushion. This is safe and very easy to use, operates at adjustable temperature range. The heat of fusion mechanism is used to generate heat. Also, consists of Automatic off system that prevents over-heating. We have two types of electric heating pads i.e. dry and moist. Following are the key functions of electric heating pads.

Improves Circulation

The muscle injuries require proper blood flow for fast healing. Injuries disturb the flow of blood in affected area. The mechanism of electric heating pads dilates the blood vessels, which help in the flow of blood to the injured regions. Proper blood circulation results in fast healing and helps in the rapid disappearance of pain.

 Pain Receptors

The numb of heat receptors is held by application of heat to the affected area. The chemical signals of the body known as neurotransmitters send the signal of pain to the brain, which resultant reduces the pain. Electric heating pad not only reduces the pain but also helps in reducing the swelling. 


Heating pads apply heat to the affected area; this provides relaxation to the muscles and also gives comfort to the affected area of the body. It also provides the relaxation to the whole body. This increases the flexibility and enables smooth functioning of joints and muscles. Appropriate use of heating pad prevents from muscle kinks.

In our daily life, we often feel stressed due to our busy and hectic schedules. Therefore, electric heating pad helps us a lot in relieving from this stress, caused by stiffness, carelessness, and over-working. However, these pads are proved to be very useful and best for treating muscle injuries.

electric heating pad Migraine

A heating pad can be placed at the back of the neck and head for migraine relief. The heat produced by the pad draws more blood to the affected area, which reduces the pain. This heat has been proved to be very effective in a headache and migraine. It brings the instant relief to the affected area.


Neck and Shoulder Pain

We can also use the electric heating pad around the neck and shoulder. This brings back the normal flexibility and sketchiness of the affected shoulder and neck muscles. In order to avoid injury after tough exercise, people could also use these pads to avoid any expected muscle pain.


Over-exertion of body results in a backache. The daily stress of hectic routine and tough schedules also leads to a backache. Pain in the back can be mild and swear. We use a heating pad for relief, the heat releases from the pad improve the circulation of blood and relax the pain. It also leads to the healing of injuries of the affected areas.

 Menstrual Cramps

This is a big problem of women worldwide, which leads to unbearable pain. Some women use pain killers to get rid of it. The electric heating pad could be used in this condition to eliminate the use of painkillers. The heating pad is placed on the abdomen which lowers the pain and helps by providing relaxation.

Thermotherapy is proved to be effective in pain relief. The electric heating pad is one of the best options available to this treatment. It is also suitable for use for the pregnant women too. The heating pad consists of customization features that are adjusted according to the user needs.

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