How to write a formal Essay?

Are you thinking about How to write a formal Essay? Writing, of any sort is an ability that is technical and requires a deep understanding of every detail. For some, writing is a natural talent but many have to learn how to write and this learning requires a certain level of focus and set of skills. There are certain questions

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Understanding the right meaning of expository essay

When we talk about the simplest form of essay writing, the expository essay may be written on the top of the list. This is said to be the simplest form because it does not require the writer to express his opinion or emotions related to the topic which might be a thought provoking or time-consuming task. The expository essay demands

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Tips for writing impressive MBA essay

Get admitted in your dream B-schools and your favored program is not that easy job nowadays. You should not only have a good academic record, but you should be more passionate and enthusiastic as a person. Modern universities are not looking only for high-achieving contestants in their program, but they are always looking for someone who is an in-built leader

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Five Creative Prompts For Selecting College Essay Topics

Choosing a college essay topic is no good experience for most of the students while striving for an admission in their dream college. It was a shivering moment for most of the students when the admission officer of a reputed college asked them to write a college essay. They drown in deep thought; undecided, what topic they should choose, on

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